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Moore Mickens Education Center is a District School Board of Pasco County Facility.

Located at:
38301 Martin Luther King Boulevard
Dade City, Florida 33525

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Phone number 352-524-9000, 727-524-9000, 813-524-9000
Fax number 352-524-9091


History of Moore-Mickens Educational Center

In the early days of Dade City, education was limited for blacks. At the turn of the century, if black children attended school at all, it was in classes at local churches.  There weren’t any permanent schools for blacks in Pasco County. If you were black, the best you could expect was six months of school.

But in the 1900’s, the local barber, Arthmus Roberts, initiated the idea of a permanent school for blacks. Roberts, a black man, could hardly read and write, but he realized the importance of education and raised the money to start the first school for blacks.  Roberts brought Professor J.D. Moore to Dade City to teach at the school.  Shortly after, Professor O.K. Mickens came to Dade City from Marion County and began teaching here as well.  Professor Moore later became principal and the school was eventually named The Moore Academy, in  honor of Professor Moore.

In 1939, Moore donated his property to the county for construction of a new school for blacks.  The school was built on Whitehouse which is now Whitehouse Ave. and the name Moore Academy was retained.

When Professor Mickens began teaching in the original school, classes were only offered through the eighth grade. Those who wanted to continue to high school had to travel at their own expense to Tampa.  In time, Professor Mickens was able to extend classes through the twelfth grade, by adding a grade each year beginning in 1937, until the first class graduated from Moore Academy in 1940.  By the 1950’s, the Moore Academy facility was too small for the student body.  A new school was built in 1952 to house Moore Elementary School, which still stands as part of the Moore-Mickens school complex.  High school students remained at Moore Academy until 1956, when Mickens High School was built next to the new elementary school.  The board appointed Mr. Hiram J. Goodwin as principal of the elementary school, and named Professor Mickens as the principal of the High School.  Mr. Goodwin served until he became ill and passed away.  After the passing of Mr. Goodwin, Mrs. Arrewintha Campbell, a teacher at Moore Elementary School, served as interim principal until the fall of 1968.  Mrs. Martha Lewis was was then appointed to be principal of Moore Elementary School and served from 1968 through June, 1970.

Professor Mickens served the Pasco County School System from 1933-1973 when Mr. Melvin Dennard became principal.  Mr. Dennard remained principal until June of 1981.  From 1981-1986 Moore-Mickens was a middle school. During that time the school had the following people serve as principal: Dr. Robert Dellinger, Mr. George Avadikian and Mr. Charles Rine.  In 1987, Moore-Mickens Middle School became an Adult Education Center.  Mrs. Greta Adams served as principal, adding new programs and changing the school name to Moore-Mickens Education Center.  She incorporated the new programs with the Adult Education programs.  In 1995, Mrs. Adams retired. Since 1995, our principals have been Mr. Steve Cox, Mr. Rick Saylor, Mr. Jackson Johnson and starting in 2014, is Mrs. Nancy Guss.

Unfortunately, at the end of the 2014-15 school year Moore-Mickens Education Center closed it’s doors to students.  While the facility continues to be used for other purposes for the school board, and the City of Dade City, Moore-Mickens Education Center’s long history of serving students of need in Pasco county has sadly come to an end.

Mascot: Wildcats
School Colors: Blue and Gold
Moore-Mickens Education Center Logo


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