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The holidays are almost here, and we are closing the first semester grades and schedules.  Due to the high numbers of students who entered during quarter 2 and the changing to our second semester elective sections, we will be changing our master schedule to meet our current population’s needs.  Many students will have new schedules when they return.  Some students have successfully recovered their credits and will be returning to their zoned schools.  To those transitioning out, we wish you all the best.  If you remember to keep your focus and make choices that lead you toward your diploma, you will be just fine.  Also, remember that if you need help in any of your classes or with your homework, you still have access to tutoring at any of the Satellite locations.

To all JIEC staff and students, have a wonderful and safe holiday, and I look forward to seeing you in 2015. 

Important Dates:     

  • Teachers and 216 Staff Return on January 5th
  • Students return on January 6th
  • Grades are posted January 8th
  • Picture Make-Ups are on January 29th

Nancy Guss
East Pasco Education Centers
James Irvin and Moore-Mickens